Marriage Mania 2

Marriage is always an event which is very near to one’s heart. So, many friends of mine read my previous article Marriage Mania and after that, there were many discussions that went on, with my school friends, with my college friends and with my colleagues. The talks filled with fear, expectations, experience and excitement. I am venting out those bottled up expressions and experiences from the otiose and yet essential talks I witnessed.

A friend or relative’s marriage is the hub that gives access our imaginations, expectations and fear. It is when most of our friends get together. The common phrases that we hear in the marriage hall would be, “Nice couple right! – Bloody lucky chap – When is your marriage man? – Who is next in our group? – look at her, no-no-not her, the one in pink”. Along with this, there is a series of thoughts that crawl into every marriageable boy/girl’s mind and remain unexpressed. “When will I get married? Will I get a pretty/nice girl/boy? Will I get adjusted…

Law of Gravity in Life

In the year 2000 when I was in 8th Standard, we sat on the edge of stone pavement of our school to listen to the story of a friend of mine who had runaway from the school and was caught and brought back. He narrated his adventure, and the lines that caught my attention were these. He said, "I thought of Shobha Ma'm and was scared of English test paper. I was scared so much that I thought of committing suicide. But later I thought about death, what will it like to be dead. Where will I be? Will I go to heaven? What is heaven? But Earth is round, we have a Solar system? Where is this God." He had thought beyond his age. He had cried thinking of universe. He forgot English test paper results. He thought of 'nothingness' of human in this universe. Most of the time, these thoughts comes to our mind. What are we doing here? Why are we struggling so much? Who are we?

Somebody has truly said, an idle mind is a devil's workshop. The same thought strikes my mind whene…

Marriage Mania

There used to be a time when I met my friends, I discussed about the books to refer. Then came a time when we discussed about what colleges to join and what courses to pursue. Again was a time, when we discussed on our jobs. Here comes the time again with a heavy load on its back to be discussed. The marriage.

And this so-called marriageable age group has been a pray. The story unveils with every Spartan returning from home after a holiday, every Cinderella with a new shoe in the marriage hall, every dude struck with a blade of receding hairline, every cutie being strangled by an extra layer of fat, every nerd who is missing something real in life, every mamma's boy and daddy's girl think or at least forced to think on one thing. One destination. The Marriage.

There are three groups prevailing in this age-group. First one says "I am interested", second says "Well, I gotta get settled first" and the third group says "I don't care. Actually, I don&#…

Cycle Savari - An Adventure to Remember

It came to me as an impromptu invitation to be part of an adventurous cycle trip from my colleague Reyaz. This event plan was spread like a wild fire amongst other colleagues, with their friends and with their friend's friends. It summed up to a strength of 18 initially, including 4 in a car as rescue-team. Dealt with several mail-threads and reminders, the plan ended up as a ride to Manchanabele from IISC Bangalore with latter being the point for our rendezvous on the planned night.
Amidst sleepy feeling we (I, Bheem & Ani with Vikas, Raghu & Naveen) kick-started around 10:40PM and reached IISc Gate precisely at 11:30PM as planned.
The cycle mechanic assembled cycles, we tested one after the other. Bugs on brakes/pedals/wheels/gears were reported & were fixed. Seats with out cushion was accentuated by all, but still we were helpless. It was a major bug that was adamant at taking us down after a few hours. It was temporarily decorated with towels, blankets etc., to sa…

Baby Girl - Give Me a Chance To Live.

They say that everyone is born here with a reason and a purpose.

I heard today, a family in the village where my Aunt is a school teacher were gifted with a baby girl. Unfortunately, the insane parents don't want to raise the kid. They needed another son, not a daughter. It is just painful to read or watch episodes about female foeticides and female child abandonment. Now, it is even more heart churning to watch and hear these thing in your vicinity and yet do nothing but watch. The parent have 3 daughters and a son, and needed one more son. But the God placed a beautiful girl in her mother's womb. Today, is the baby's day two in this world. And already it is rejected. It irked me even more when I heard that the mother of the child herself is adamant in abandoning the child. I felt like reminding her that she is also a female. The parents are not ready to keep the child for even a day. They are pestering the adopters to take the child soon. Even not willing to bring the c…

A Simple Change in Our Attitude Can Save a Lot

I remember vaguely, there was a 'Science club' which ran for few months in my school. During a club meeting, my School teacher Jayabharathi m'm addressed us for a few minutes on 'Going Green and Saving the Nature'. It still amuses me to recall that she carried a steel glass in her bag to avoid using a paper glass and her firm decision not to use plastic papers.  She said "My husband always tells me not to do these silly things. He says there are millions of fools out there who are just not worried about saving the environment. So why bother? For that I replied, 'I am happy, at least one fool out of millions is removed.'"  This event didn't impact me profoundly but it tried convincing me to be socially responsible. A little. I felt there are several ways a person can attribute to save an environment without any social boycotts or embarrassments.
It irritates me to see a person who leaves a room lit with no purpose or a geyser switched 'on&…

What Will They Think Of Me?

I always wanted to express what I feel about this question for a long time. I have seen several types of people, those who don't care about what others would think, those who are redundantly cautious about the surrounding, those who wind up in tormenting themselves with guilt for doing nothing, those who are reckless & careless even after being unpleasant to others and those who are reclusive and act as if they don't belong to the world. After all, this is what a society is composed of, Isn't it? Or else how would there be fun.

We are human beings and we are known for a social life. We embarked a society and colored it with a few protocols and trends to follow, a few people to love, few people to hate, few to guide and a few to misguide, few to tease and a few to appreciate. After a while we realized that I and you are a part of this. Individual identity was highlighted. We felt, it was good to create an impression in the society. We turned actors, poets, authors, s…